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Publishing & Customer Care


Web Sociallite allows you save time and post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a ton of other social media networks from a single location. The publishing tool allows you to compose messages, add links, and attach photos and videos to your posts. Moreover, you can schedule messages for posting at specific times. Our advanced toolset lets you customize your target audience based on location, age, gender and a variety of other factors. You can easily add content to a publishing queue and effortlessly schedule your social media presence.

You can also draft ideas and save them for later. The assigned team members can then check and review these ideas for better delivery. Your dashboard will have tools to allow you to edit posting rights of your team. You can also edit schedules and content for the posts made by your team.

Track the effectiveness and success of your posts with readily available stats that measures their performance based on clicks, likes, retweets, etc. You can modify various factors including target audience, keywords and posting times based on the feedback. This feature along with the unified inbox lets you optimise your interaction with your audience and reach the right people with minimal hassle.

The single unified window interface is ideal for people managing more than a couple of social media profiles. The window lets you know exactly what is published where and when without having to needlessly worry about any inadvertent inconsistencies in the content.


Increase efficiencies through the single unified publishing platform for all social media accounts

Single click function

Publish across all social media websites


Like, retweet, share from a single window


Post effective updates at specified times


Publish easily to one or many accounts


Streamline operations


Publishing Tools


Manages all social media accounts through a unified interface

One panel to manage all accounts

Assign specific times for individual updates


Publish to one or all accounts and sites


Post to specified audience


Save drafts for later publication


Track effectiveness of each account