A Powerful Solution for Social Media
Publishing & Customer Care


Tracking conversations and posts about you and your business is critical for your success online. Sifting through all your social media accounts to try and find what is relevant to you is not only inefficient, it also does not guaranteed that you will find the right information to locate leads or stay updated.

Our monitoring and listening feature does the hard work for you. It lets you see all messages, alerts, updates and actions combined into the single stream of your unified inbox.

Use keywords appropriate to your needs to find what people are saying about you on social media, respond to questions about you or your business, check out the competition, find news and updates for your industry and more. Find potential followers, social influencers and people with similar interests. Follow trending topics and hash-tags, identify common issues with customers, evaluate the response of a marketing campaign or find feedback related to you – the possibilities are endless.

Set filters to enhance your inbox further by removing the clutter to focus on what really matters. You can create a customised and targeted stream for your unified inbox to enhance your performance.


Track your social media presence including own posts, updates, etc. and third-party mentions

Monitor presence across your entire social media network

Unified inbox provides single window visibility


Stay updated at all times across the entire network


Respond to third party mentions and increase goodwill


Identify possible issues and take corrective action


Coordinate presence better with one-on-one client engagement


Monitoring Tools


A single window interface to optimise your complete presence across all social media

Integrated single window for all work

See messages, alerts and all updates in a unified inbox


Keyword search helps locate all references


Find what third parties are saying and take action


Set filters to remove clutter and get relevant data


Check status of support tickets