Web Sociallite provides an effective customer relationship feature that allows you to actively interact with your clients or engage with other people. The feature lets you view your entire engagement history with a client before you reply to a conversation. It also allows you to search for and connect with other relevant people or users across a social network.

The single panel view of past engagement details for each client or partner ensures you don’t have to search for previous conversations when you interact again with the person. A record of all precedent interactions pops up when you or a colleague is replying to a conversation or answering a query. The feature allows you to be aware of what action needs to be taken in light of what transpired before.

The panel also includes sections where you or a colleague can add specific internal notes related to your engagement. These notes and any edits thereto will be visible to all team members who interact again in the future with the client. Other details that can be added include any membership number or account information with which the person is registered with your business, their contact details such as email or phone as well as address, suggested time to contact, work-related information such as workplace, designation, etc.

We also offer customer relationship support solutions that let you interact with people on a broader level. You can search for people in the network and connect with them. You can also follow them, re-tweet their tweets, share their updates, and do all such things that you would have been able to do if you had signed directly into the social media site itself instead of using the Web Sociallite integrated platform. We also suggest users you may interact with based on their likings, preferences, groups they are in, geography, etc. This helps identify potential customers for your enterprise and allows you to initiate contact for your business.


Single panel engagement history helps in more effective communication

View entire conversation history

Interact effectively with clients


Take and save notes for future use


Search for relevant customers


Connect with potential clients


Streamline all interactions


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Single panel engagement history of all communications

Unified conversations history

Single panel view


Assign task to relevant team member


Take notes for reference


Specified search for clients


Shortlist potential customers