A Powerful Solution for Social Media
Engagement & Customer Care


Every day, more and more people are turning to social networks to find the right brands. 4 out of 5 people looking for customer service look on social media before calling in. From creating awareness to providing valuable customer service, social media is the go-to platform for the new age.

Our smart inbox makes sure you stay on top of your game by creating a streamlined and unified inbox for all your social networks – wherever and whenever someone talks about your business. You can set up keywords to see relevant messages and updates across the platforms in the single window. Respond to your requirements on social media and never miss an important message again. The one-window interface is the best way to be fully aware of your social media status.

The dashboard allows you to coordinate team work more effectively. Now, you can assign tasks, see the status of delegated work and resolve issues immediately through a single window. You can also assign hierarchies and varied control features to each level. This ensures all messages and posts are ratified by senior managers before being published into the public domain.

You can also offer total social media support to your customers and other interested parties through your profile. Generate and assign support tickets for follow-up to your team and have an integrated view of the ticket status. You can view the entire engagement history with the customer so you can manage your replies better.


Engage proactively with your customers through the unified smart inbox

Unified inbox for a singular overview of all accounts

Interact with people across your entire network


Be always-aware of the latest happenings


Updated information on credit situation of account


Check work status from single window


Streamline workflow across teams


Engagement Tools


Unified one-window inbox shows all activity across all social media accounts

All updates visible at a single place

View customer interactions and follow-up


Serve local consumers


Check credit points and assign, buy or redeem credits


Assign roles and tasks to team members


Generate support tickets and check status