A Powerful Solution for Social Media
Publishing & Customer Care


The collaboration feature allows you to work across teams, geographies and time zones. You can check the work status of every team member and assign tasks to those who are relatively freer than the others. You can also delegate certain clients or partners to specific colleagues for one-to-one interactions and follow-up. This will enable you to track, monitor and build client relationships better and consequently help business growth.

The primary reason why social media has been such a huge hit with businesses is its ability to allow enterprises to connect with their customers and partners on a one-on-one basis. People love to interact and do business with an enterprise that respects them and gives them time. Companies which have taken advantage of this feature have benefitted the most and turned around their fortunes. Our Web Sociallite dashboard allows you to do just that – have a one-on-one interaction with each customer, partner or interested person.

You can assign support tickets to your team members and ask them to follow up on any matter, whether it is a client query, a reference to your organisation, a re-tweet, a share, a like, etc. You can check the status of the delegated task, re-assign to different person or team, if required and monitor the job until you see an effective follow-up. Assign roles and manage the unified inbox in collaboration with colleagues. You can also assign work based on geography, locale, subject matter expertise, etc. The single window dashboard system makes it very easy for you to manage, monitor and control all collaborative jobs at the same time.


Streamline workflow across teams and optimise client interaction

Collaborate with colleagues on a real-time basis

Engage clients proactively and effectively


Assign roles that allow senior members to manage workflow


Delegate tasks for effective resolution


Create support tickets for each job


Monitor interaction and track progress


Collaboration Tools


Collaborate with team members across different locations and time zones

Unified inbox to track all tasks

Synchronized view of current activities


Track progress


Real-time view of jobs assigned


Monitor support tickets


Allocate roles among team members