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Take your social media presence to the next level with Web Sociallite’s analytics feature. Our detailed reports are designed to help you evaluate your performance across all platforms. Make sense of a random environment with our data and meta-data analysis and reports. Get a complete picture of your social presence with data collected from multiple platforms and millions of potential sources. Never rely on outdated information again with real time updates to your relevant data.

See when and where your social profiles are mentioned and get an in-depth look at their growth over time. Correlate this data with your brand’s awareness. Find detailed demographic information about people your content resonates with. Identify social influencers who are making it happen by driving conversations and generating trends. Chart out your performance vis-à-vis the competitions’ to gain a deeper understanding of your strategies.

Assess your engagement metrics with insights on you and your team’s performance in social media interactions. See detailed information on response rates and average times. Identify trends in your messages and posts and slice them further based on time and day. Compare information over a period or between individual instances. Stay up-to-date with our summary reports.

Make our reports more useful to your needs by converting them to PDFs or export them to a spreadsheet. Customise these reports anyway you prefer. Create snapshot reports that can be viewed at a glance and use them in presentations. Or you may use detailed analytics with complete breakdown of all your data for an in-depth analysis across all platforms. Whatever your requirement, Web Sociallite’s Analytics delivers results that help optimise your social media strategy and the network.


Find how effective your social media presence is and take appropriate action

Profitably analyse each account, social media site or entire network

Track effectiveness of the entire network


Check trend influencing abilities of each account


Analyse followers and influences and find what interests them


Plan and optimise presence of account, site and network


Extrapolate reports onto PDF or CSV files for customised reports


Analytics Tools


Evaluate performance across entire network including all accounts of each platform

In-depth reports that track all engagement metrics

Account, platform or network-wise reports


Correlative analysis of presence and business growth


Demographic analysis of followers, influencers, etc.


Detailed data for time and strategy visualisation


Export data into PDF or spreadsheets